You’ve done so much for me,
Even after all I’ve done to you.
Never do you falter in giving me the time of day.
In fact you’ll give me everything, no matter how far away
You are

The best I could ever have asked for.
All those times you were there for me,
I’ll never forget
And if I do, it’ll be my biggest regret
In life

You have given me nothing but support.
In all my times of need,
You have been my life line,
The only one I could call no matter what time
It was

The best present you could have ever given to me.
The worst thing you could ever take away.
It is your friendship
That gets me through all the hard shit
Thank you.

I posted this two days ago: Friendship? And it’s pretty negative, but today is Friendship Day, so I thought I’d try a poem with a different perspective on friendship.

Dedicated to my best friend ♥
and anyone that has ever been there for me.


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