Prompted Ramble #1

Finally, near dawn, Eliza stopped bleeding. Still limping and exhausted from the prior night’s adrenaline rush, she walked over to a large patch of green grass standing beside a weathered bench and sat on its soft strands. Thinking about how hard and tedious life must be for the ants under her butt, she started to slowly unravel the cloth that was haphazardly wrapped around her still-bloody left leg. With one quick movement, cringing in advance at the anticipated pain, she ripped the stained shirt off of her leg to get it over with and inspect the gash. A bit of skin came with the makeshift bandage. Tears poking at her eyes from immense pain, she looked over it and knew she’d need more stitches than Tommy did when he attempted to take his own life.

The “Prompted Ramble” posts: 5-10 minute freewrites (with approximately 5 minutes of minor editing) prompted by the first sentence, in bold. (They force me to write something fun besides poetry more often.)


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