Why We Fight

the grayed outlines of bodies faded from dust,
the thin violin strings quietly turning to rust,
the smell from their hearts all piled to the brim,
even the rats in the cracks that look so very grim.

even the poorest of creatures deserve the best,
the neediest of them deserving to rest,
the pointiest needle in the haystack is shiniest
like a star in the sky or hidden in a nest.

the thousands of doves that fly overhead,
looking for the storm they rightfully dread,
trying to halt the powerful might,
but losing instead and quivering in fright.

So why
are we marching into these dark foreign lands,
marking the enemy with the weapon in our hand,
shaking the order of this very nation,
undermining the fuhrer with no conversation?

well here it is, the reason to the rhyme
the headline said it all, and it was just in due time
it said something that made me so mad.
it said that Germany is bad.
very bad.

Based on Why We Fight (2005), a documentary directed by Eugene Jarecki, in which a soldier shows his comrades a newspaper and says the news is “Germany is bad”. I found that line to be very funny, and the documentary was quite moving.


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