Lipstick Lips

hasty hands go their own ways when the time is wrong,
but parted lipstick lips don’t know what to do with themselves.
hanging on to the lingering tangy taste,
the pinks blend back into one another
as they collide.
they push against each other until the pinks turn red,
the reds turn blue,
and the blues turn black.

they can’t take it and break free of each other.
the endless hole in between expands
exposing the crimson bell hanging by a seamless thread.
white as snow,
pearly pearls unlatch behind velvet curtains showing
the ringing bell hidden in the small gap.
frail was the pitch from the ringing red chime,
barely hit there by a whining metal mallet.

all power unleashed, all energy drained,
she has no more in her left to play the game.
she relents to his strength, the rough hands
that didn’t part.
her body collapsed right under his hard heart.

he left her with a silly smile smeared across his face
using the stains that her lipstick lips unwillingly made.
streaks of shame
streaming down her portrait portraying her emotions,
she got up out of the red paint her body had spilled.
the black was mixing
with the blue mixing
with the red.
the colors were spiraling out of her control,
out of proportion in a dimension she didn’t know.

the man invited her again but she was too sad to go.
the man shoved her again but she was too dead to move.
those colors were gone and all she had left were
the yellows
and the grays.

the yellows
and the grays
paved her long road
the one she’d have to walk lonely and alone.
her lipstick lips frowned,
in a shade of dusty silver,
out of sad sadness all too profound.

a boy with orange stepped on her road.
he saw her yellow, and the underlying gray.
he gave her his color and
her yellow became fiery so she painted another world,
a different world

the canvas was filled with heat
and so was her body
she stripped off her colors
to cool herself down.
the colors peeled off
first the layer of gray
then the layer of yellow-orange.

Underneath her colors,
was her skin, still stained with the
and red.

the smears, the stains, the streaks,
they never leave.
the bruises, the blood, the pain
never recede.

she took the colors hidden under her skin,
and painted yet another world with her lipstick lips open
this world had a rainbow at the very far left,
Red, Orange, Yellow, Gray, Blue, Black, White.

a rainbow with deformities,
a rainbow so unknown,
a rainbow unique with complexities,
a rainbow all her own.


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