Prompted Ramble #3

“I guess I hadn’t really thought of it that way,” she said, then pulled the trigger. She missed. In her drunken state, it was clear that she wouldn’t listen to reason nor, luckily, aim correctly. Taking advantage of this, Matt, hands raised, inched towards the door of his bedroom. He sneaked a glance to the left of Jane, now bawling hysterically. The redhead girl, whose name he didn’t remember, was still as unconscious and beautiful as ever on the bed, looking peaceful in her slumber, somehow oblivious to the gunshot. Her eyelids twitched subtly, the only sign of life she showed since the last night. She was still wearing his shirt, it’s buttons undone revealing her young flesh. He turned away, reprimanding himself, “Now is not the time to think about that.” Not wanting to say any more to the sobbing Jane, nor thinking to save the girl, he slipped through the crack of the doorway, wiped the sweat from his thick brow and broke out into a sprint. Despite his typical nonchalant, tough guy demeanor, he was just a big coward on the inside, running from problems, running from commitment, running from his past, forever running, never facing anything unless he had to. He would have hated himself, but he ran from that sort of thing too. It was more convenient to not think about it. As he sprinted, he thought happily to himself, “It’s a good thing my dad put me in track and cross country.

The “Prompted Ramble” posts: 5-10 minute freewrites (with approximately 5 minutes of minor editing) prompted by the first sentence, in bold. (They force me to write something fun besides poetry more often.)


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