Mirror, Mirror

I see her pain,
I wish I could end it.
She’s broken-hearted,
I wish I could mend it.

I can see it in her eyes, the ocean overflowing, then turning into ice, glass fogging over.
She doesn’t know how to feel, but her heart does,
It pounds with the pain of misplaced trust, the potent feel of unrequited love.
Her body hangs limp as she tries to remember her purpose, who she was before him, in her life, unexpected.

During the day she returns strong but the vast dark nights are much too long for her to forget her fragility.
On those nights she looks to me to find the answers but she sees nothing except her own pain reflected in my eyes.

My heart breaks into little glass shards for her,
I see her in me and I understand.
I know what everyone says, that you won’t miss him because there are others, plenty.
I know what everyone says, that it’ll all be okay, that you’ll get over it, you can do better.
But I also know it doesn’t feel like that at the time, when all you feel is loss.
So why can’t I find anything else to say, only reflecting those lines that everyone else says?

I wish I could heal the world,
Repair broken hearts with black ink and band-aids, pain relievers
Taken by the handful,

But that’s not how it works.

I can’t erase the pain in her eyes, the same pain reflected in mine.
I am her mirror, there is nothing I can say to make her better.
I can only wish her the best as she steps out of the room away from me, into the world that breaks her heart into pieces, a broken image
in the mirror.


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