He hasn’t apologized for what he’s done yet,

And he never will.

His persona rests on the mindset of couldn’t-care-less; he’ll take your happiness and say that it’s his, leave you a mess. It’s not like he doesn’t acknowledge what he did, but he believes that it’s fine to steal hearts, so immoral he is, saying it’s “mine” yet he didn’t fork over a dime of emotion because according to him, he doesn’t owe anyone anything, whether it be a dime or an apology.

His own heart is as bland and gray as his way of life, cobwebs crawling up the hollowed insides that hold nothing but empty feelings and withered promises, forgotten friendships and meaningless poetry. Formed beautifully, but thoughtlessly, insensitively. If you thought he was earnest, you were fooled by his simple trickery.

Sorry, but honestly, if it’s him you’re afraid of losing, you’ve got nothing to lose.


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