Inconvenienced in every way,
saddened and limited everyday.
Formerly, in the warmer season,
she could go anywhere within reason.

Now, she sits inside,
listening to those faces chide.
So badly, she wants to hide
her own face that had cried.

Restrictions and conflictions
affect her every action.
Never will she grasp independence,
for her “family” is relentless.
Relentlessly caring, repentless in taking,
easily faking, lies in the making.

Touching, tearing, trying,
she heeded no warning.

Eventually, she found her way out,
the pieces of labyrinth scattered about.
Under the layers, she found the map,
now, it is perched upon her lap.

To the X she will go,
with nobody else, no.

Unrestrained, she stepped outside,
into the sunshine where she can’t hide.
She is finally out, leaving all behind,
out of the labyrinth that is her mind.


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