Proud, Nonetheless

We don’t need tons of achievements,
huge success, supreme intelligence, high ambitions.
Really, we should just do what we’re meant,
go for our passions, what we love, with no inhibitions.

It’s not necessary to be the best in the country,
because someone out there admires you anyway.
Do your own best, take a breath, be who you want to be,
it’s not a competition–you can work hard and still play.

It’s not our desire to desire everything,
the want is not always under control,
but maybe when your feelings of jealousy are forming,
you can remind yourself you don’t have to have it all.

Maybe it’s our pride, our innate need to show the world around us
how beautiful and smart and capable we are, how invincible and strong,
but sometimes, all we need is for someone to be proud of us,
to tell us that they understand all that we’ve done, and that it won’t be long,
until the rest of the world is proud too.

Well, I can tell you right now,
I’m proud of you—
take a breath, take a bow
–and I’m sure many others are too.


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