Sensing You

In anticipation of the moment that you come
into view as if from the light of the sun itself,
your silhouette backlit as the trees part,
honoring your very presence,
your simple and humble existence,
existing as if the world wasn’t staring in awe of

Footsteps sound on the concrete,
signaling to the world that you are here,
complete in all your discrete magnificence,
magnified further by the wait for a hint of
your laughter, a gentle melody carried on the breeze,
an easy-flowing harmony of the sea, tides moving to the sound of

Fingertips dancing on tendrils of air,
the winds sighing at the so-soft touch you bestow.
Because they know that your slender fingers are
unique in their caress, they can be patient,
waiting for when your palms slide softly on their sides,
pleasing and pausing their hearts as they skip a beat for

The sight of you, the sound of you, the feel of you,
all of you encompassed in your fragile body,
a mere case for the vivid color you hold inside,
a beautiful mess of brilliance all bunched up,
mixing up my senses, all of it
barely contained
inside of

For this, I, we, the world, will wait an eternity
in anticipation of the moment that you come.


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