So, College

It’s even better than I expected.

College is the one thing I’ve been looking forward to for over a decade–yes, since I was only three or four–and it is everything I expected it to be with more to come. From intellectual fulfillment to a social life unlike anything I’ve experienced before to taking care of myself without older adults nagging at me for every little thing–this is the life I had been looking forward to and putting in long hours for.

Sometimes, it still feels surreal, as if none of this is really happening because it’s too good (and a little too fast after all these years) to be true. The transition seemed to be seamless, but not everything is what it seems to be–there are still days when I have to remind myself–I’m on my own now, I’m in college, this isn’t high school, and it’s not even like high school.

I actually have to take care of myself now–make sure I eat when I should, the right amount, wash my own clothes, dishes, navigate in a new city (maps and life), and all the other little things that I never seemed to pay attention to before when my family was around me practically 24/7. But it’s always the little things that make all the difference–they make me work harder, they make me grow, and learn more about what real life is all about with little baby steps at a time. And every step, I enjoy.

The experience is only just beginning, but I honestly can’t wait to see where it all goes. It’s weird that it hasn’t even been a week since college began, yet I feel like I’ve already grown tremendously–imagine what a semester would do, a year, four years (?!). It seems crazy–I haven’t even joined a bunch of extracurricular activities yet.

I have, however, had a ton of freedom–way more than I’m used to (I come from the old tiger parent type of family–look up tiger mom if you don’t know what I mean). I’ve gotten to have so much fun with my new friends already (no, I don’t party), and I can’t wait to see what’s to come if this is only the beginning–barely a week.

By the way, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much–I’ll probably start doing something more like one post a day instead of my usual 2-3 posts per day because college (and taking care of myself) is very time-consuming of course. However, I am still very very committed to this blog, and now that things are settling down, I will definitely try my best post one new post per day (sorry about some of the recent recycled posts). If I skip a day, I’m super sorry. I really don’t want to… I’ll try my best!

Also, because I feel like I need to say this more often: thank you so much for reading and supporting me in whatever way, whether that be a like, follow, or glance! It means a lot, really. You guys (in the general sense of the word guys) and the color orange make me so happy.


2 thoughts on “So, College

    1. blliteration Post author

      Thank you so much! And yes, every college experience is very different because like I said, the smallest things make all the difference, but the big things like activity involvement and classes have a huge spectrum of possibility too. No matter what sort of experience it is though, it’ll be unforgettable. Thank you again!

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