Your Definition

Give me the definition of always.

The teardrops on your lashes? The memories in your mind?
Your hand and mine? Faded photographs on our wall?

Give me the definition of always.

Because I want to memorize it and understand it in a way I never could before,
when there was never an always in my life.

Let me interpret its multiple meanings, let it give meaning to my life,
let me linger in the moment, the promising momentum, of always, unpromised.

Always–it always seems so undefined, but I have hope in your definition,
I hope your definition is right.

Please, give me your definition of always, and let it always be true.


2 thoughts on “Your Definition

  1. Ranting Crow

    Always is forever and a day
    until its dying breath
    and though it may last for only a second
    I know I never see it end.
    one way or another
    memories will always
    be there to stay!

    Sorry my mind just fiddles and fingers write.

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