Tell Me

What can I do for you?
your fake smile makes me feel helpless
because it tells me
there is nothing to be done.

Could I smile for you?
cheer you up with forced laughter
happy musings, predictable jokes,
denial of my own dark moods.

Could I be mad for you?
shake out your despair, slap away your stress,
yell the negativity our of your ears,
angrily sigh and blow away your fears.

Could I cry for you?
tears classified as a crocodile’s,
rivers of lies, oceans of gloom,
rainy clouds looming over you.

Maybe you’d feel bad enough
to feel good then.
Is it possible to make you feel better
by making you feel worse?
Or am I being demented,
trying to better your mentality?

There is only so much I can do for you.


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