The Uncaptured

Frozen laughter, uneaten pies,
that bright twinkle in her eye,
all caught in this picture, “her life”

You must think.

Leadership, volunteerism, clubs,
a speech being given,
all caught in this photograph, “what a life”

You must say.

What you don’t see is the
stress, hurt, and pressure,
all uncaptured in this photograph, “still her life”

You don’t know.

Inquire sometime–
“How are you doing?”

You should ask.

Make her uncaptured life
just a tad bit better.


A still-life cannot capture her real life.


3 thoughts on “The Uncaptured

  1. Ranting Crow

    Scattered moments
    beside her still body
    A life of memories
    passed by

    This just popped in my head after reading. With a feeling of I stood there once.
    How have you been doing?

    Such simple words to captured something so heartfelt. wonderful.
    I am glad I stopped by on your blog. Thank you for this creation.

    I got here becauseI got challenged by ‘That’s so Jacob’ to leave a comment at 8 random blogs. It gave me a reason to blog hop and read some new and hopefully inspiring new writings.
    I won’t challenge you to do the same unless you feel it is also a nice opportunity to visit 8 random interesting blogs. Just leave them a comment to brighten their day…And who knows maybe you to find inspiration.

    Best of wishes
    Ranting Crow

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