Too Much, Too Soon

Desperate for an instant connection,
Like grabbing at affection just for affection,
Art just for art’s sake, friendship for friendship’s sake,
Romanticized, but what is at stake?

Forgetting that happiness happens over time,
That bonds are complex rhythms, not simple rhymes,
What is wrong with my must-have, envious mentality,
I never used to have such green-tinted tendencies.

Impatient with weaving complicated ties,
And believing instead all the intricate lies,
Seeking to replace reliable relation,
with the shallow promise of instant gratification.

Slipping into self-reflection,
I ask myself about my aggressive actions:
Why sprint to the finish line,
When it isn’t a race, and you know you’ll be fine?


3 thoughts on “Too Much, Too Soon

    1. blliteration Post author

      Thank you for reading! I’m glad you relate. I’m not sure what type of writing you do, but if it’s creative writing or poetry, just express yourself however you want. If you think your writing isn’t that great, go look at other experienced people’s writing or just practice and write more often. That brings me to my other piece of advice– write often. The more you write, the more attention you’ll get and the more practice you’ll get. Another thing to keep in mind–try out new things and styles and get out of your comfort zone once in a while. About your writing not meaning anything to anyone: it’ll definitely reach someone, somewhere. Don’t worry about that and write what you want. Hope that helped and good luck!

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