Poète Maudit

Lingering on the edges of society,
Dark fringes, cliff (hangers) of the world,
Cursed life, such strife, eternal battles,
Fought with feeble words, genius, unnoticed.

Melancholy, macabre, mad
Angry black ink stains, yet uniform,
Sensical in their nonsensical marking
Universal, unmisunderstandable,

Yet not unmisunderstood until death
does he part,

In his night without day,
Debts unrepaid, familyless, moneyless,
Wealth only in inspiration,
Yet there’s lack of motivation,

–Until funeral bells toll, then pen scrawls,
O, the potential of a dead body
in his beautiful,

Poète Maudit II
Poète Maudit III


2 thoughts on “Poète Maudit

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