Sweetened Ink

Sticky palms, colliding skin,
I melt into your encompassment,
Molten chocolate embrace, inky,
Almost too sweet to be true,

Too tasty to be properly savored,
Hungry for more of the gentle surrender,
Arresting my senses,
Forgetting myself, the world,

The universe is now you,
Can my inky love bleed through to you,
or is it stuck on the empty pages,
unbeknownst to the next, unseeable?

I hope you can feel it leaking through,
How it is stained with you,
Between the stanzas, your fingerprints,
between my lines, your imprint,

Chocolate stains between my words,
Brown smudges, traces of you.
Sweet chocolate ink,
Molten in the heat of it all,

You have left your mark.


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