Poète Maudit II

Darkness, dainty, dashing, disastrous, wrap your arms around my waist,
Make me feel better, clothed in your black magic, healing
Darkness, touch me with your texts, tomes frozen in time,

Telling tall tales, indecent adventures, inspiration for yet another
Night, let me nestle into the crook of your neck,

Gentle caress, carrying me off to nightdreams, feeding off dark essences,

Night, tell me of your treachery, trick me into thinking you are my safety,

Sedate me, let me sink into your vast blackness, where I can be blind to the world’s cruelty
Shadows, subtly whispering secrets, sneaking forms with silent sources

Subdue me with your invisible touch, such sweet surrender

Shadows, let me in on your private words, private world of wandering,

Souls pumping dark blood, fluid lies
Darkness, night, allow me to stay in your melancholic comfort,

Shadows for company, shadows of company,

Your arms around my waist,

Strait jacket to hold me back

Poète Maudit


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