Like the man in that crowd,
My darkest side comes out as it approaches evening,
Falling into depression and sadness,
Ragged breathing while crying without meaning.

Dark is the only consolation in this state of mind,
You don’t have to stay though,
Just leave me behind
To wallow in my sad state of sorrow and bewilderment
At my own strange temperament,
Wondering in shame what I mean by depression
When I’m fine in the daytime.

No one knows what I meant
When I said I was spent,
I didn’t mean money, it’s not the dime that bothers me
As much as the sad cadence of my heartbeat,
That irregular rhyme.

But I’m sure you don’t have time
To mind or consider, and I don’t blame you,
How could I ever explain that I can’t be happy
When I’m in this mood, my state of truth?

Goodbye, for the best,
Get some rest.


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