Language of the Dark Skies

Speaking in universal words,
Vague enough that I don’t understand,
Your mysterious tongue, I’ve never heard,
Foretelling of stars and moons in herds.

You, lingering in the dark air of loud music
Blasting in your eyes, colliding with your soul,
Any other would get a headache,
But you would always withstand it all,

You understand it all,
Banging your head to the incoherence,
Gibberish to us, you, it enthralls,
Your mind, a menace.

Dangerous tales of wispy light,
Black magic, black hearts, hard times,
Those dark skies almost tore down your might,
But there is infinity in you, universes of rhyme,

Nothing can tear down your rhythm,
Stagger your unhesitating cadence,
Mental strength I can’t even start to fathom,
You, make the dark stars repent.


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