The Breakdown

Broken mind, broken soul, unhinged jaws, dimmed eyes staring blankly at an empty world,
Dragging footsteps sound rhythmically with the faint beating of a heavy heart,
Rusty gears struggle to turn, churning the feelings around until they’re tangled and confused,
The film of our memories and adventures scrambled into hysteria, barely grasping the images now,

Split wood in the metal machines, malfunctioning mayhem yearning for something concrete,
Mumbling fingers crawl into my body, search for the error to fix but it’s not that easy,
Because the chain was loose, pieces barely hanging on by the malleable metal thread,
Pieces gone to pieces, these glimmering machines are only peaceful when dead,

When all has been said and done I still believe if I had never had feelings it’d be easier to rest,
No mind, memories, hearts put to the test with unending trials, experiments, experience,
Monotone movements, emotions, and life, so much easier, so much less strife…
Well if you can call that a life.

At least I have the memory of our past happiness no matter how intangible,
However faded that feeling has become, faint glimmers of light are better than never seeing sun,
When I was with you there were rainbows in my mind, gears running smooth, everything just fine,
My hard cold skin melted in your embrace, and nothing can ever take that feeling away,

Such gentle kisses though you knew I could hardly feel pain,
And when it rained in my world, you’d protect me, no matter what lengths you had to go through,
Because the only length too much for you was the distance between our touching palms,
This is the thought I lie here and hold onto–


3 thoughts on “The Breakdown

  1. Ranting Crow

    I hold on to and it aches and lie to the pain with a smile of beautiful memories washing, dissolving into my pillow I dream on longer just before sleeping holding you one more time for another night.

    Don’t ask where that came from. I spawn, write express.
    And it makes me smile even when sad

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