Strong walls regardless of strength can be torn down brick by brick picked apart until that strong wall falls to the ground Red core and burning ferocity simmer down last flames smothered out Stronger elements wearing it down until its physical strength mental fervor die out extinguished without a sound None can hear its struggle as it crumbles to the ground stomped on battered beaten until it is ground like a limp carcass heaving its last breaths left out of the sun never to be found Strong walls with thick tears can rebuild themselves takes time Time it does not have in the breaths between one night and the next when the darkness takes over Time and it can no longer breathe It will only have night when rough brick by rough brick its hardened skin disintegrates leaving nothing but softened sand those pieces of itself that slip through the crevices of our minds grains of its essence sliding in and out of our consciousness unable to be grasped for more than

one single breath.


One thought on “Withering

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