Monthly Archives: December 2015

Exclamation, that’s my point

A line and a dot can hold so much emotion,
In a second, a lonely phrase can cause so much commotion.
The line splits seconds into fragmented glass,
Pieces of the past coming in full blast.

Exclamations of amazement and wonder and abuse,
All come together in a collective pulse when the dot’s not misused.
It pushes emotion higher, inhibitions quite lowered,
For all that’s left is that last sprint forward.

Fast forward to that loud clap of thunder, a shock so unsettling,
A setting so amazing that a short period of time can really do nothing.
What we need is to exclaim, claim the bursting emotions,
Feel the fires churning, sail opaque oceans.

Touch the excitement coursing, grasp and empower,
Then exclaim to claim the pulsing burst that is ours!



How is it that we can contradict so easily and hardly explain?

Your presence is a need and want but neither is because of the terrors you cause at night when my mind catches up with my heart.

As much as it wants to run away from the realities behind the emotions, it can’t control the waves of uncertainty and darkness taking over its too long denied fragility. What will become of me

when you take it all away?

So easy for you to forbid and ban and deny, but it isn’t that way for me when there are so many roadblocks placed in my life. So I lay low and crawl towards my goals instead of sprinting ahead towards the long craved sunrise.

Your blockade of my light won’t hold back my life, only slow it down, so what’s the point?

Pushing me to my breaking point is cruel and coming back with a hug and an apology won’t give me back my time, rewind my mind that already has lengthy songs of pain on replay,

I think sometimes of relaying these thoughts to you, running them through your head with a wire, reinforce the idea with a screw, but what use will it be when the wires are cut by you, all the effort thrown away, screwed.

I wish I could get through, shine the light that is truth, free myself of the burden, the contradictory thought that is you–



Release of the spirit, coming back to haunt me with its incessant laughter, teasing my already too ticklish tummy, taunting my inner demons. Poking my emotional well-being, it turns and returns–pretending to play hide and seek when it can see in clear sight, but doesn’t relinquish the freedom sought. Instead, it controls me, releases my uncontrollable laughter turned tears, sweet salt of the afterthought when my semi-consciousness is no longer mine.


Intoxicating smells, the sight of your breathing, happiness within the message in a bottle sealed in your heart; sank to the depths of something or another. Like your eyes–pools of liquor to be swallowed by my soul, filling my spirit with the clashing madness of happy fear sad, wanting nothing but to be conscious for you but unable to come out of the semi-truck of a mind heavy with indistinguishable colors and pain remembered.


The swirling thoughts, imitating toxic water, burning fire through my eyes nose mouth, holes in my stomach, fingers sliding through the smooth ruptures, grabbing what is left of me to put into you. This is where we stand, wobbling on the edges of finite tangibility, to be gone, too soon to be. And just be.