Exclamation, that’s my point

A line and a dot can hold so much emotion,
In a second, a lonely phrase can cause so much commotion.
The line splits seconds into fragmented glass,
Pieces of the past coming in full blast.

Exclamations of amazement and wonder and abuse,
All come together in a collective pulse when the dot’s not misused.
It pushes emotion higher, inhibitions quite lowered,
For all that’s left is that last sprint forward.

Fast forward to that loud clap of thunder, a shock so unsettling,
A setting so amazing that a short period of time can really do nothing.
What we need is to exclaim, claim the bursting emotions,
Feel the fires churning, sail opaque oceans.

Touch the excitement coursing, grasp and empower,
Then exclaim to claim the pulsing burst that is ours!


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