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Release of the spirit, coming back to haunt me with its incessant laughter, teasing my already too ticklish tummy, taunting my inner demons. Poking my emotional well-being, it turns and returns–pretending to play hide and seek when it can see in clear sight, but doesn’t relinquish the freedom sought. Instead, it controls me, releases my uncontrollable laughter turned tears, sweet salt of the afterthought when my semi-consciousness is no longer mine.


Intoxicating smells, the sight of your breathing, happiness within the message in a bottle sealed in your heart; sank to the depths of something or another. Like your eyes–pools of liquor to be swallowed by my soul, filling my spirit with the clashing madness of happy fear sad, wanting nothing but to be conscious for you but unable to come out of the semi-truck of a mind heavy with indistinguishable colors and pain remembered.


The swirling thoughts, imitating toxic water, burning fire through my eyes nose mouth, holes in my stomach, fingers sliding through the smooth ruptures, grabbing what is left of me to put into you. This is where we stand, wobbling on the edges of finite tangibility, to be gone, too soon to be. And just be.