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One Month In

A month really flew by… the upperclassmen weren’t kidding when they said freshman year passes by too fast. I’m amazed by how long it’s already been despite how short of a time it felt like and how, when I visit home, everything is unfamiliar from my bed to the toilet.

From the very beginning, I’ve wanted to get involved in things outside of class as much as I could, and I have achieved my goals (while enjoying every step of it of course)! As of now, I’m in three committees (RCSA Student Activities Committee, AAA Community Service Committee, and UPHC Health Policy and Advocacy Committee). I’m also a writer and copy editor for PHA, and an associate editor for BPR.*

*Key if you’re interested: RCSA = Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholars Association, AAA = Asian American Association, UPHC = Undergraduate Public Health Coalition, PHA = Public Health Advocate, BPR = Berkeley Poetry Review.

…Somehow I feel less anonymous now. Oh well.

Being in all of these activities plus being a double major (intended Public Health and English, though considering dropping the English major and being a creative writing minor instead) has made my schedule quite hectic (hence my 5 day hiatus from posting on this blog, sorryyyyy), but I love being busy. Right now, I am probably at the perfect amount of busy-ness.

Sadly, I had to give up Archery Club, and I wont be doing AFX (a hip hop dance team) until next semester, but my experiences so far with the committees and publications more than make up for it. The upperclassmen were right about clubs and extracurricular activities being the way to go for meeting friends and people you relate to. Moreover, being in committee for those clubs/organizations boosts the social level even further because besides the general club events, there are the inter-committee and intra-committee ones, which I can tell definitely will create bonds; whether they are lasting or not is up to us.

So, if you’re going into college or something similar(?) soon, my number one piece of advice would be to get involved, but only in as much as you can handle on top of academics and only for things you truly do like!

Besides clubs/organizations and stuff (which I will go into more detail about sometime when I have more anecdotes about each one), I’ve had some other random experiences as well, which I’ve just now decided I will tell you about in another blog post so that this one isn’t all over the place. Woo~ Thank you for reading my ramblings!