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Really, now

Lost myself?

I am only now allowed to find myself,
Coming up from under the rock that is your fist,
I’m experiencing my firsts,
A grown up baby,
Still a baby due to your fumbling,

Mumbling that you don’t know me anymore,
When you never knew me in the first place,
Because you didn’t want to see me as anything but your idea of perfect.

Don’t talk to me
If all you have to say is “slut”,
Because I know I’m not
Forgetting what I am? Forgetting where I’m from?
I wish, but I will never forget being ruled under your thumb,

That shy girl is not the girl you thought you raised,
Obedient little girl you (hardly) praised,
Please, allow, allow for once in your life,
To show you who I am and how I’ve changed
Because I’m no longer your little minion,
Despite what you think I’ve grown quite independent…
Actually always have been, but you never quite saw it,
But oh well no one but you is competent

So if,
I have lost myself
(If so it’d be due to you erasing my identity),
Maybe instead of trying to find me, then,
Allow me to find myself, fix my own mistakes,
Figure out for myself what it takes
To live life without a helicopter, blades cutting my neck,
Burdening my shoulder.

Leave me alone,
I won’t call if I need help



Inconvenienced in every way,
saddened and limited everyday.
Formerly, in the warmer season,
she could go anywhere within reason.

Now, she sits inside,
listening to those faces chide.
So badly, she wants to hide
her own face that had cried.

Restrictions and conflictions
affect her every action.
Never will she grasp independence,
for her “family” is relentless.
Relentlessly caring, repentless in taking,
easily faking, lies in the making.

Touching, tearing, trying,
she heeded no warning.

Eventually, she found her way out,
the pieces of labyrinth scattered about.
Under the layers, she found the map,
now, it is perched upon her lap.

To the X she will go,
with nobody else, no.

Unrestrained, she stepped outside,
into the sunshine where she can’t hide.
She is finally out, leaving all behind,
out of the labyrinth that is her mind.