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Really, this time

I said I’d tell you soon in my last post, and I’m staying true to my promise here as I’ve finally finished the basic customization of this blog (I’m really nitpick-ey when it comes to even the most basic details of something I’m just starting up).

So what is this new blog in the sea of blogs all about?

As my tagline says: “Adventures, alliteration, and angst.”

It is about my life and student life. It is about my adventures and academics. It is about gaining knowledge, and it is about improvement. Sometimes, it’s just about enjoyment and fun. Other times, it’s about some not-so-great feelings. It is about reciprocals. Life is full of those: What goes around comes around, whether that be good or bad. Life is also as confusing as what I just said may have been to you.

In a less poetic way, this blog is for my personal experiences, but also for you. I write because I love to write, so part of this is for my own enjoyment, but I hope that my writing also has an impact on you, the reader. I feel like writing should always serve a purpose to the world in some way or another, so I strive to make some sort of difference with my writing. I don’t know if that difference will start here, but I hope it does. If it doesn’t, then well, it’s good practice for the future.

Adventures. I hope to share my adventures as I listen to yours. I aim for my adventures, however unexciting they may be, to teach you something or give you some insight into your life… or at least a good story. However, I don’t want to make your expectations too high–sometimes, the posts may just be my random, rolling monologue.

Academics (part of Adventures). I will also most definitely share my experiences with academics–a big part of my life–so that you young students and forever-scholars can maybe avoid the mistakes I’ve made. As one of my teachers has said about me: I know how to play the game of school. Scholarly ambition and achievement have always been a big part of who I am.

Alliteration. What I really mean by this is poetry, stories, and other random writing. This is a space to share my writing, and maybe even build a community of writers and readers. I would like to get my writing out there for enjoyment but also to improve and get feedback. I love writing.

Angst. Well, you know.

Over time, I’ll probably also write about my other interests like public health and other science-ey things, news, opinions, games, etc, but that’s in the future. Who knows where this blog will go from here. I certainly don’t right now.

Okay… So to stop talking circles around you, the main point is: This somewhat ambitious blog is about adventures, academics, alliteration, all of you, and inevitably, me (and my angst).

Honestly, this will probably evolve over time, and I will be too lazy to update this. Hopefully, you stay with me and just see what happens with my blog. Thank you for being here!