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Forgave, Again

my expansive vocabulary of utter forgiveness,
terrifies your fingers, widens your closed eyes
but it allows me to feel you again, a selfish thing
allows me to feel again, the colors of our intermingled lives

touching on the edges of our consciousness,
just enough to satisfy me, your wind blows by me,
I catch the scent of my burning hands,
at least I can feel them again, grasping solidity,

my hardened palms can take the torture
if it’s for you, I’ll take on the world without hesitation,
this is my sincere proclamation for my heart
will always be open to you, the best

and the worst thing that has ever happened to me,
is your departure, but my door stays open for you
and only you because no matter how many times
you step out, the words welcome remain

unstained by our history,
more than just memory and residue,
it is permanence even if you are not,
it is what I hold on to

when you are coming and



Forgiven, Again

your expansive vocabulary of utter forgiveness
terrifies my fingers, widens my closed eyes
at the sight of your good heart because it doesn’t know
of this sort of possibility, fears the unknown

why would you forgive such darkness,
the wind that blew out the light of the stars
in your eyes, am I really good enough for
your gentle hands, paving the way to okay

sighing, extinguishing yourself for the sake of
me, awake only in memory before I disappear
into the thin air, of your open hands
welcoming me back prematurely, though I burn

your soft palms, allow themselves to be stepped on
yet again, your bumpy calluses enraged that you
made it okay again, for the rough soles of my shoes
to soil your innocence, dirty your heart once more,

just a welcome mat placed conveniently for
me to wipe the residue of my emotion on
before I leave again, stepping on the same mat,
it’s always welcome though

whether I’m coming or