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Taking the Bait

The pain twists and turns around inside,
Like itchy, creepy vines crawling up my spine.
The thorns stab all the deep dark corners
Where I keep my secrets–images of you.

There is no crevice this poison doesn’t reach,
Seeping into my pores and organs and more.
It squeezes me dry and leaves me hollow,
Leaving me to wallow in my own wet tears.

I reach for my memories but it is too late,
They’re distorted and forced out–they were bait.
I took it and swallowed knowing nothing else could be done.
Holding on to what was left, I left it all behind.


Of Regrets, Unfixed Door

a thick wall that stops me from going back,
a locked door that can’t cave,
unable to get back to that mistake,
that I-shouldn’t-have, or why-didn’t I.

oppressive, depressive,
eyebrows furrowing,
wondering what-could-have-been,

but it’s impossible to get through a bolted door,
in front of a brick wall,
the past, time.

regret is not the key.