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the same sounds haunt me
every night,

it’s that little voice
in the back of my head hindering
me from sleep

softly saying “surrender”,
give in to your feelings
find your way back

to him.

he who held you so tightly,
taught you how to care,
caressed your body,

your soul,
your sadness,
your slowly fading feelings.

that voice,
vying for him,
vouching for him,

vanishing in the daytime,
then valiantly invading my mind once again
subtley, slowly, surely sending me back

to him.

every night
the same sounds haunt me


Selfish Radiance: Moonlight

perfectly flawed
gracefully shimmering, streaming past windows
wandering down back alleys so as to guide the way for newcomers,
who come to the land of night you claim to rule

here, you cater to romances and light up paths,
blowing out candles so that you’re the only cure for the blind
how selfish, but no one would hate you for it…

Only you could dance into bedrooms, yet not invade privacy,
either way, they trust you with their secrets,
you make a promise to them and swear on your life,
so that there’s no doubt you will keep it.

little do they know, you’ll die in an hour or so,
but as long as you are here,
you will listen to their shaky whispers,
their lonely late night insecurities,

Ominously hissed fears,
ones that will never grace anyone else’s ears.
they trust only you with their quiet truths,
their darkest secrets, conferred upon the brightest presence,
Never to be spoken of again.

Like always, you’re itching to enlighten them,
but your voice does not work,
It’s better to move on and leave them be,
humans don’t understand that problems can be remedied.

and so, you relent, you are fading anyhow.
Gravely, you drag yourself away but in
Hoping to make the best of the last of your life,
you rest near the ocean you once moved to tears,
letting the breeze blow you out like the candles you feared,
Tentatively saying goodbye as your own tricks
are used against you,
erasing your beautiful,