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What Did We Do?

All I have are questions these days
Because no matter how I think about it,
I can’t come to a conclusion as to why
The universe is against the stars.

It formed them so lovingly,
Made them blindingly bright,
Brought them together under the same umbrella,
Turned them around and around in a dance.

It created a beautiful pair
And then a million more,
Let them be together quietly,
Live up in the sky, on cloud 9 happily.

Then it tore them apart.

The pain and agony from the ripping of the halves
Made the stars wonder why they were ever created at all,
They think it would have been better if they had never been,
If they had never shined or smiled or felt.

They think of their history,
Their thousand year story,
And think of the millions of years of agony
There is left to go.

They think that maybe it is better to leave the world,
Than to face what faces them tomorrow,
And as their smiles flicker out they wonder,
What did we do to deserve this?



we were puzzle pieces,
never put together,
mixed, separated,
lines mismatching.

nonsensical shapes
that were not quite right.
so close,
but we didn’t fit.

my curves were too slim
to fill the hole in your heart.
my colors,
a shade too dark.

how I wished I could
be the one that would
stick to your side forever,
we, undeniably inseparable.

but it wasn’t right.
why, then, did I always
find my way back to you
when I was


among thousands of pieces
you caught my eye,
but it hurt when we tried
to latch on.

I would’ve tried harder,
if only I knew that
it’d hurt even more
when we let go.


You caress my cheek,
Smooth talk all week,
Ask another girl out on a date.

You say you love me,
Want all of me,
Tell another girl it was fate.

What am I to expect,
Does my gaze have any effect,
Or is it just my delusion?

How dare you kiss me,
Then uncommit so seamlessly,
I believed your sad illusion.

Why didn’t you just let me go,
Instead of putting on an elaborate show,
Getting caught in your own web of lies?

Save me the hurt and pain,
You really didn’t have to feign,
Next time, just say goodbye.