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Peach-colored visions

I can’t think
in peach-colored visions.

I used to think in so many colors,
They’d splatter against the canvas and cause so much clutter.
Now it’s blank and I can’t seem to fill it
No matter how hard I try to will it.

My hands are falling way out of touch,
Touching the keyboard doesn’t do much.
When my fingertips reach for a word,
It slips away with the rest, gone unheard.

I miss the watercolor visions, one big blur
Splashing against the edges so rigid and sure.
They’d blend and bend, break and churn,
So unlike me, as I would learn.

Now I can no longer rhyme or tell the time,
I can no longer sing or cry or plea or whine,
Speak or walk or try or fight,
Color or create or write.

is my attempt to retrieve my mind.


Prompted Ramble #5

He saw angels in the night. He didn’t want to. But they wouldn’t go away. Devilish angels. He only had hints of what they wanted from him; he caught certain words in their teasing whispers. They stood out among their indecipherable mutters.

Their commitment to haunting him was almost religious. He inhaled more of his special air into his lungs, veins, brain… and wished them away. Just as he did though, more appeared.

Such playfulness in their eyes, eyelashes, fluttering as did their wings, their pupils veiled by false intentions, bodies dipped in the translucent honey of artifice. Lying, an art. Angels, the masters. Preaching to his fears, ridding him of desires. What is left of him, a shell.

The “Prompted Ramble” posts: 5-10 minute freewrites (with approximately 5 minutes of minor editing) prompted by the first sentence, in bold. (They force me to write something fun besides poetry more often.)