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Taking the Bait

The pain twists and turns around inside,
Like itchy, creepy vines crawling up my spine.
The thorns stab all the deep dark corners
Where I keep my secrets–images of you.

There is no crevice this poison doesn’t reach,
Seeping into my pores and organs and more.
It squeezes me dry and leaves me hollow,
Leaving me to wallow in my own wet tears.

I reach for my memories but it is too late,
They’re distorted and forced out–they were bait.
I took it and swallowed knowing nothing else could be done.
Holding on to what was left, I left it all behind.


What Will I Do?

What will I do when I no longer have you
To stitch my wounds closed and close my eyes
To the cruelty of the world?

What will I do when I no longer have you
To take the sword out of my chest
And the pain gets the best of me?

What will I do when I no longer have the ability
To get up out of my bed anymore
Without wanting more from the universe?

What will I do when I am no longer alive
Inside, where I keep the image of you safe
And sound becomes the melody of my fears?

What will I do when I no longer have you?


The company given just serves as a shell,
And empty nest to calm and quell.

It only leaves the left feeling more unwell,
And makes the right feel wrong as hell.

It stings the skin in a cruel way,
Until the blood can no longer be kept at bay.

It burns the eyes with such strong rays,
Making them water and hurt all day.

This hard shell serves as a home,
Comforting all that feel alone.

Only when the naive enter do they hear the ghastly moans,
And the creaky floorboards that grimace and groan.

This home will only haunt,
Best leave before you are caught.

Three Words

When our eyelashes meet
They tickle each other
And flutter away

When our hands meet
They grip each other
And refuse to part
Intertwining in such a way that melts

My heart

Skips a beat when you say three words
“I just farted”
And I chuckle at how close we’ve become
Communicating without words
Talking about the everything that is everyone else’s nothing

In a short amount of time we’ve achieved mountains
Although we’ve never pushed or rushed
Because we knew and we know that we’ll have infinity
And that the other is all that matters in a
World of ridicule and resentment

Daily we tighten our bond
And strengthen your hold on me and my hold on you
Roses are red and violets are blue
You already know that I love you