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Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t be fooled by the forevers that drip at the corners, melting away before your eyes. Don’t be fooled by the sunlight streaming in through the windows, the mornings that brought you bliss or the fingers that blew you a kiss. They’ll poison your eyes and wither your soul even after you’ve given your all.

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful as they turn into stone, cold to the touch, freezing already frigid fingertips, causing a tremble at the lips. Don’t be fooled by words that say nothing and actions that mean little. Your feelings are much too brittle. Your old bliss will be hard to find. You can turn your back but you can’t turn your mind.

Learn that life means constant change. Otherwise, you’ll constantly be deranged. Nothing lasts forever, and you’ve just got to be okay with that. In the blink of an eye, with the tip of a hat, it’ll all be gone. Just like that. The life you shared, the tears you shed, the blood you bled. It’ll all be a waste, and that’s the toughest challenge you’ll have faced. You’ll remember when you shared the bed, remember when Valentine’s was red, remember your plans to be wed. Well, this is where it all led.

The end.

There’s nothing left to mend. There’s nothing left to be said, so just get it all out of your head. There’s nothing left to cry about. There’s nothing left to get out. The fight is over, and you can rest; wish yourself all the best. Remember that it’s not your fault, and that it’s now time to unhalt. Go on with your life. Get through the strife. You’ll make it through. It’s not a matter of when or who. This is a matter of you.


Taking the Bait

The pain twists and turns around inside,
Like itchy, creepy vines crawling up my spine.
The thorns stab all the deep dark corners
Where I keep my secrets–images of you.

There is no crevice this poison doesn’t reach,
Seeping into my pores and organs and more.
It squeezes me dry and leaves me hollow,
Leaving me to wallow in my own wet tears.

I reach for my memories but it is too late,
They’re distorted and forced out–they were bait.
I took it and swallowed knowing nothing else could be done.
Holding on to what was left, I left it all behind.

What Did We Do?

All I have are questions these days
Because no matter how I think about it,
I can’t come to a conclusion as to why
The universe is against the stars.

It formed them so lovingly,
Made them blindingly bright,
Brought them together under the same umbrella,
Turned them around and around in a dance.

It created a beautiful pair
And then a million more,
Let them be together quietly,
Live up in the sky, on cloud 9 happily.

Then it tore them apart.

The pain and agony from the ripping of the halves
Made the stars wonder why they were ever created at all,
They think it would have been better if they had never been,
If they had never shined or smiled or felt.

They think of their history,
Their thousand year story,
And think of the millions of years of agony
There is left to go.

They think that maybe it is better to leave the world,
Than to face what faces them tomorrow,
And as their smiles flicker out they wonder,
What did we do to deserve this?


Your breath becomes sunlight as the rays strike,
I see you, I smell you, I take you.

Sprawled against the glass bed, dizzy head,
As the in-betweens crawl in, fingers all-in,
My head, the visual fantasy of white on white,
Blurry images of that silver earring, scaring
My heart to pieces, don’t shatter it,

The bed I mean.

Fragile yet sturdy
As she said, our own little fantasy.


Eyelashes flutter gracefully, me,
gratefully drinking the ecstasy of your glance.

Fingers tap restlessly, I,
romanticizing the romance in your touch.

As such, I fell in irresistible temptation, from
understated adrenaline.

Intense proximity, O, your movements,
they sting me, my eyes, tears.

Eyelashes flutter nervously, overflow, you,
sadistically drinking the melancholy of my blinks.


In between ice and fire, warmth.
Not too hot, not too cold, just right,
Like you.

Your warmth lingers on the tip of my lips,
My teeth barely skimming the radiating not-yet-hot
Of the air around you,
My fingers almost touching the not-yet-cold
Of the skin lying on you.

It is not enough.
I want it to envelope me,
Hold me and cuddle me up
In it’s fuzzy layers of just right feelings
And fitting snugness,
Emotions like the inside of a furry mitten.

If only it could complete me, your warmth,
Instead of teasing me,
Suspended just out of my reach,
Below the bottom of my toes,
Above the top of my head.

If only it could be the bed I sleep on,
The pillow that holds my head,
The blanket folding over me,
Beside me, comforting me, at night.

Your warmth is not close enough,
And when it is, it leaves,
And when it leaves,
The cold shocks me,
Jarring the parts of my body where
It once touched me,

Your warmth, it freezes me.


After getting through the day
and back to solitude,
I confine myself in my room
and start to write.

The pen picked up,
my hand poised,
I plug in my headphones
and start–

Worlds collide
Stars align
Time is twisted
Romance is kindled
Adventures begin
Journeys end
Fate is tricked
Death is cheated

–and end
I unplug my headphones,
relax my hand,
set down my pen,

And start to sleep,
dreaming in my room,
back in my self-created worlds
after getting through the day.