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Thank You


I don’t know.

Every time I see that little orange dot in the top right hand corner of my screen signaling that someone out there, or a bunch of someone-out-there’s, liked my stuff–even when it’s just a ramble, even if it’s just about my uninteresting life–I feel so happy and grateful that people actually take the time to read what I have to say.

Such is the benefit of writing and good people, I suppose. So thank you all. Anyone who has ever even touched or glanced at my blog or blog posts, thank you. You give me happiness on top of my happiness every day. I’m so glad I started this blog, and I’m glad I have you guys.

I reached a small milestone today–100 followers–but it’s a big milestone to me. Because that means 100 people somewhere on this planet are interested in what I have to say, are interested in my writing, even if they aren’t masterpieces, and are supporting me on my journeys whether they be internal or external.

So, yeah. Really. Thank you.


Happy Birthday, Harry Potter


To one of the most inspiring figures in millions of people’s lives including my own, (late) happy birthday. Had JK Rowling not been born and Harry Potter not been born from her mind, the world would have less writers and less inspiration. Thank you for your contribution to the world.