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At the Onset of 2 AM

What do I do when I’m not with you?

Sitting in the empty space of time and history,
The cracks in between the cogwheels creaking  with loneliness,
Moaning gears of the clocks enough to tear a soul apart,
With crooked fingers extending from fragmented hands,
Aligning with the right numbers at the wrong time,
Wrong day, cocking its head at the blank slate eyes,
Embedded in my silent head, its tick tock fills the gaps
Between one consciousness and the next,
Anxious heartbeats tick tock with the rest, an infallible rhythm

Palms open, narrow fingertips reaching for the next number
On the scale that measures my existence in quantities,
My moods in the insignificant tick marks between the finite infinities
Waking my dead mind from its shallow slumber–

Reluctantly conscious until it remembers it died to live,
Enslaved itself to time in return for a minute of freedom to roam,
As minute as it may have been, it was enough to not think of “home”,
Cradled in between your immobile hands, peace was all you could give,

And it was all I could ask for,
But it wasn’t enough after all, wasn’t permanent–
Such temporaries played with my sanity, distorted my sentiments,
Your hands moved away, couldn’t give more,
And I fell apart slowly, rusting and failing with time,
It wasn’t your fault, nothing you could do,
It’s just that

Time gets to me when I’m not with you.


Elliptical Love #2: Some Other Time

maybe I’ll forget you some other time


world of uncertainties
lies and lips
and truth and sins
the taste of bad lingering on the scent of your
so close

so far

so tempting, so hard
traces of you,

emptying my mind


your scent
lingering taste
and sins and truth and
lips and lies

so far so



maybe I’ll forget you some other time

my mind emptying

so close

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